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Recreational Cheer

& Tumbling

A program where kids can learn the basics of cheerleading, tumbling, and stunting in an environment that builds confidence and self-esteem. 

Recreational Cheer/Tumble


JR Cheer Lions: This is the first step to becoming a great cheerleader! Cheerleaders ages 5-7 will learn basic arm motions, jumps, tumbling, as well as the body positions and balance necessary for safe stunting. They will learn a short routine, chant and basic formations. Great for current Wildcats!

Cheer Lions: Cheer Lions is for brand new to intermediate cheerleaders ages 8 and up. This class expands on the basics learned as a JR Cheer Lion - focusing on motion technique, dance movements, jumps, body positions, stunting basics, and tumbling skills. Stunt building and safety begins at this level along with lifting flyers off the floor.

Cheer Tigers: This class is our highest level of recreational cheerleading, by teacher invitation only. Cheerleading shoes are required and athletes are expected to participate in bi-annual performances.

All cheer classes have two performance opportunities a year during our Spring Festival and Winter Festival. Additional performance opportunities possible based on interest. 

Tumble Jr: Kids ages 5-7 who are just wanting to work tumbling skills and not the other gymnastics events, will find this tumbling focused program educational and fun! Working all the basics of tumbling to learn the basics to be able to perform higher level tumbling skills one day!


Tumbling 1-4: Kids ages 8 and up divided by skill level. Tumbling classes work stations and drills to get tumbling up through a layout full.   

Trampoline (T&T) Classes: T&T classes consist of mini tramp, trampoline, and rod floor passes and work on the skills to be able to compete in USAG's T&T competitive program one day.

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Recreational Cheer & Tumbling



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