Recreational Cheer

& Tumbling

A program where  kids can learn the basics of cheerleading, tumbling, and stunting in an environment that builds confidence and self-esteem. 

Competitive Cheer

When your child is ready for the next level in cheerleading, they can tryout for one of our cheer teams. They will learn more advanced cheerleading, tumbling, and stunting to compete against the top teams in the country.

Recreational Cheer & Tumbling

Intro to cheer: This is the first step to becoming a great cheerleader! Kids will learn basic arm positions, jumps, tumbling, and stunting. They will also learn chants and basic formations to get them on the path towards higher level skills. Into Level 2 this class expands on cheer technique, dance movements, jumps, kick combinations, stunt basics, and tumbling skills. This is a great class for kids who may want to try out for our CheerCats Team this spring or fall (coach placement required).

Competitive Cheer

CheerCats All Star Prep teams are designed for athletes who have less experience in cheer but are looking for an introduction to competitive cheerleading. Prep teams are also an amazing way to challenge athletes who have their skills but may need a little more assistance with their technique and confidence. However, many athletes choose this option regardless of their skill level because it is less of a financial, travel and time commitment than elite teams. Prep teams practice 2 times per week, 3-4 hours. Prep teams will compete locally and will have 1-2 travel competitions, driving distance only.


CheerCats All Star Elite teams are designed to push athletes to their highest level. CheerCats currently offers elite teams in levels 1-3. We may require a year of experience on a prep team before we will allow you to compete on an elite team. If your athlete is in between levels, we may require training during the summer months, and then reevaluate your athletes skills to decide what level elite team your athlete will be placed on. This is to ensure they have a positive and successful season. Elite teams practice 2 times per week, 4-6 hours and may require additional tumbling classes. Elite teams will compete locally and will have 4-5 travel competitions, 1-2 may require flying. 

Attendance is very important for all competitive teams. No makeups are allowed for team practices. All Team Members are strongly encouraged to take a tumbling class in addition to practices. If you are interested in becoming a Cheercats Team member for any of our levels, please email us to set up an evaluation with one of our cheer coaches at