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Admission Fees: 

Adults (ages 12 and Up)- Day Pass $20 per day, $30 for whole weekend

Kids (ages 5-11) and Seniors 55+ - Day Pass $10 per day, $15 for whole weekend

Kids under 5- FREE!


    • STEP ONE: REFUNDABLE Deposit: $ 200.00 Due ASAP

      • Checks payable to: Gymcats Gymnastics. Mail to: 440 Parkson Rd, Henderson, NV 89011

      • DEPOSIT alone does not hold your spot in the meet without estimates and continued communication.

    • STEP TWO: Submitting Meet Reservations-  AVAILABLE AUGUST 2023

      • Meet reservations will be accepted through the USA Gymnastics Meet Reservation System ONLY

      • Your club is responsible for registering, updating, maintaining, and scratching/cancelling athletes through the USAG Meet Reservation System.

        • This includes, but is not limited to: confirming names, spelling, registering coaches, verifying safe sport eligibility of 18+ athletes and coaches, birthdates, etc.

          • Age divisions will be determined from your USAG Online roster ONLY

        • Registration will CLOSE to further additions once the meet is full.

    • STEP THREE: Meet Entry Costs

      • Gymnasts:

        • Girls Level 2-5 & Boys Level 3-6: $120.00 per athlete

        • All Girls Xcel Levels & Boys Club Track Levels: $120.00 per athlete

        • Girls Level 6-10 & Boys Level 7-10: $130.00 per athlete

      • Teams: $ 50.00 per team of 3 or more gymnast for each level.​

      • Payment is due in full at the time of registration.

        • Despite online registration, your spot is not guaranteed until payment is received.

      • Registration deadline is November 17, 2023. 

    • STEP FOUR: Scratch Deadline / Level Changes:

      • Scratch deadline is November 17, 2023

      • Your roster must be accurate prior to this scratch deadline.

      • NO REFUNDS after November 17, 2023


Change in age determination for 2024 and beyond

After observing the past couple of years, it appears that athletes competing for a JR spot at any given series qualifier may have had an unfair advantage over athletes competing for a SR spot. Previous qualifier results show a much smaller pool of athletes competing for the JR spot as opposed to the SR spot. After discussion with Nastia as well as the VP of Women’s Program Annie Heffernon, new in 2024 we will be updating the age determination for the Nastia Liukin Cup and series to reflect the following:



Junior (age 15 and under) and Senior (age 16 and older) as of December 31, 2024


NEW FOR 2024

Junior (age 16 and under) and Senior (age 17 and older) as of December 31, 2024


Horseshoe (Bally's) Las Vegas - Hotel booking code

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