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Gymcats is dedicated to helping our community! 

Classes for kids with special needs.  LEAP classes. - Call the front desk for more info!

Come to Gymcats with your child when the gym is not busy and let your child have a regular class experience.  We have seen kids grow tremendously in confidence and skills.  Check it out today. 


FEAT From June 2008 to March 2020, Gymcats has offered classes for kids with autism. Gymcats teamed up with F.E.A.T. to help kids with autism build relationships, learn social skills, and improve gross motor learning skills all while having a ton of fun. We ran classes through to 2020 when the pandemic put a sudden halt  to these classes.   Click here for an article on how gymnastics can benefit kids with autism.

Project 150

Since the Brooklynn Mae Mohler foundation dissolved, we have been sending donations to Project 150, to help homeless kids in our city.  We have raised thousands of dollars so far and continue to support teens who are in so much need during their formative years. 

Brooklynn Mae Mohler (March 29, 2000 - June 4, 2013) 

  • Brooklynn was on the Xcel Gymnastics Team at Gymcats and we miss her every day. The Brooklynn Mae Mohler Foundation is dedicated to gun safety education and prevention of senseless child deaths. Brooklynn was shot and killed by her best friend, who was playing with her father’s gun that was left loaded and chambered with no safety in a kitchen cabinet. This foundation is working to make something positive come from such a tragedy. 

  • 12/8/14 - Brooklynn Fundraiser - Raised $6,006.91 to Brooklynn's family.

  • Gymcats donated $4,384.51 to Project 150 in December 2019. We collected and donated to this foundation as requested by Darchel Mohler while her foundation is temporarily on hold. The funds were raised through Gymcats Invitational 2018 & 2019 and Tournament of Champions 2019. We are so happy to help local teens in our community and made our donation in honor of Brooklynn Mae Mohler. We are crushed every day and every event that she is no longer with us. 

Breast Cancer Awareness

2012: Through the Gymcats "Think Pink" Invitational, we raised $2,240 for Women's Health and Breast Cancer Research.

M-Lisada Charitable Event

Gymcats has a special connection with M-Lisada, an orphanage in Uganda. The history and heartache is so powerful and the needs are so great that a donation of just $160 can send a child to school for an entire year. School is something only the fortunate kids get to attend. Sometimes they don't have the money to attend or cannot afford a school uniform. The schools or orphanage often times don't have sufficient funds to feed the kids three times a day. Some kids don't have shoes and most have only 1 or 2 outfits of clothing. If you'd like to help, stay tuned for ways to sponsor a child. 

  • April 24th, 2010 - Gymcats raised $5,154. Thank you to all Gymcats members and guests for making this event a success!


2011 Gymcats has raised $512 for H.O.P.E. through our parking lot sale and $190 through open gym. 

Shade Tree

In 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2011 Gymcats donated proceeds from a number of events to benefit the Shade Tree organization. Shade Tree helps women and children when they need it most, and we at Gymcats are so proud to be a part of helping these women and kids.

  • Our Shade Tree dinner raised $1,882, and with all the other events, we presented Shade Tree with checks totaling $3,241.54.

  • November 2007 -  25% of all enrollment in our Thanksgiving day camps was given to the Shade Tree organization. Camps raised $438. 

  • November Flip Flop Shop donated 10% of each enrollment to Shade Tree, coming to a total of $21.14. 

  • December 2011 - Gymcats raised $1,451. 

  • Gymcats raised $1,325 at their competition in December of 2011 and presented Shade Tree with 53 gift cards of $25 each. These were provided so that the Shade Tree could purchase items they need, including pharmaceutical items. 

  • Altogether, in 2011, we raised $5,029.18!

    • $390 from our Thanksgiving camps, $662 from our open gyms all year long, over $700 in apple donations and candy sales from coach Kelly, and $1,200 in our handstand a thon. Not to mention our great participation in our fundraiser dinners!

  • Visit to see what this organization is all about. There are several time slots open that the shelter needs volunteers for. It is truly a wonderful organization. 

Donations to Iraq

In July 2007, we mailed out packages to Iraq directly to the son of one of our former colleagues, Michael, who is a Doctor in Iraq. They received all the items and were very grateful for our generous donation. We made a difference in some Iraqi kids' lives, and Michael was overwhelmed by our generosity. 

Tunahaki Foundation

Our customers have so much and are lucky enough to be able to give to those in need. When asked to help out, our customers have stepped up to the plate. In November 2006, we sponsored a fund raiser for the Tunahaki Foundation

  • Our members raised over $4,000 for the kids from Tanzania and donated items for these kids and promoted good will. We were very proud of our Gymcats members. 

  • See a video here of the kids from Tanzania - starting at 4:16 the kids can be seen at Gymcats during their trip to Vegas.

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