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We will NOT be holding a Flip Flop Shop or Flip It Clinic in March 2023 due to the Viva Fest event and Spring Break. 


We'll see you in April!

For flip flop shops, we'll work on your tumbling, trying to get you a jump start on back handsprings or work more advanced tumbling skills.  For Flip it Clinics, we have a clinic that focuses on not just back handsprings but front and back flips, different jumps off mats and acrobatic obstacle courses .  See a video here

Each clinic is 1 hour long and alternate every other month between flip flop shops and flip it clinics.  The clinics are always held before Parents’ Night Out from 4:45-5:45 pm. Ages 7 and up!

Flip Flop Shop
Flip It Clinic

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