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Spring Festival

Saturday - June 12, 2021


Spring Festival is a great opportunity for your child to show off for friends and family and receive a medal and a trophy at the end of their performance.

We would love all of our gymnasts to participate, but sessions will become full. Sign up now to reserve your spot and get free open gyms (starting May 1st)!

Entry FeeDue by May 22, 2021

Cubs, Supercubs, Wildcats: $25

All other Boys and Girls classes: $45

There will be a $10 late fee for all payments made

after May 22nd if there is still room available.

Optional for purchase

Girls Spring Festival Leotard $45 and Shorts $22

Boys Spring Festival Compression-Shirt $32 

See the front desk to purchase yours today!


Performance Schedule:

8:30am Cubs - Pictures at 7:45am

9:30am Supercubs - Pictures at 8:30am

10:15am Wildcats - Pictures at 9:30am FULL

11:00am Wildcats - Pictures at 10:15am

12:00m Boys (all levels) - Pictures at 11:00am

1:30pm Intro to Cheer - Pictures at 12:45pm

1:45pm Green and Pink - Pictures at 12:45pm 

3:15pm Red, Purple, and Blue - Pictures at 2:15pm 

4:30pm Jets, Advanced Jets, Girls Mini Jets - Pictures at 3:30pm

5:45pm Pre-Team Xcel, Xcel 1/2, Level 2 Girls - Pictures at 4:45pm

Pictures are optional but can be reviewed and purchased...

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