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Competitive Dance

The DanceCats Team is reserved for students who have a passion for dance and an exceptional work ethic towards improving their craft. The DanceCats perform in a variety of genres, age divisions, and skill levels. Dancers seeking an additional challenge can audition for a solo, duet, or trio in addition to their group dance. Dancers audition once a year in August and are assigned to the group that best fits their ability. The dedicated teachers not only strive to train the dancers to be the best they can be, but to become confident individuals with dedication and a strong work ethic.


Want to join Dance Cats?

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What is the DanceCats Performance Team? 
The DanceCats performance team is for our most dedicated dancers who want to perform or compete in more than just the bi-annual recitals. All dancers on the team are split up into “crews” based on the style of dance they want to compete and their ages.  We currently have crews for acro, jazz, tap, lyrical, and hip hop.

How old should my child be?
Dancers as young as 5 can be on the team up to age 18. Each crew is assigned an age based on the ages below:
Petites: 5-6 yrs old
Minis: 6-8 yrs old
Novice: 7-10 yrs old
Junior: 9-11 yrs old
Teen: 12-15 yrs old
Senior: 15-18 yrs old

Please keep in mind these age groups are a rough guideline.  Dancers will be assigned to the team in which their ability is best-suited, regardless of their age.  This means a dancer could be on two teams that don’t fall within the same age category.  For example, they could be selected for Teen Jazz as well as Junior Lyrical.

How does a dancer get on the team?
First, consult your child’s dance teacher about the team.  Any dancer interested in the team should attend the annual auditions which take place every summer.  Auditions will take place by age group for different dance genres such as: acro, jazz, tap, lyrical, hip hop, as well as dancers interested in solos, duets, and trios.

What do they need to prepare for the audition? 
Students auditioning for groups need to attend the appropriate time slot with the proper footwear to audition. Jazz shoes for jazz and lyrical auditions, bare feet for acro, tap shoes for tap, and sneakers for hip hop. They will learn a combination during the audition to perform.


Students interested in auditioning for a solo, duet, or trio need to prepare a 30-second audition piece or perform a past dance routine. Please bring music on an iPod or phone.   The dancers’ audition piece should be in the same style as the style they are requesting for their solo, duet, or trio.  Current team dancers need to re-audition for a solo, duet, or trio each year.
(see information for Solos/Duets/Trios)

What is the weekly time commitment for a team dancer? 
Dancers must attend a weekly 30-minute team class for each style they have been selected for as well as an hour-long class in the same genre.


In addition, all team members must be enrolled in a weekly technique (ballet) class and take a 30-minute flexibility or strength class.  Dancers are encouraged to take both flexibility and strength and if they do so, the second 30-minute class is free of charge.


How many performances per year?
The number of performances will vary based on the time of year, but the team will perform at least once per month.  Most performances or competitions will take place in the Southern Nevada area.  The schedule is subject to change, but we will let you know as far in advance as possible as to the dates.

Will dance performances conflict with gym competitions? 
In general, we try not to schedule during the same weekends as gym competitions however sometimes this is not possible.  Team members who are also on the gym or cheer teams will need to decide which event they would like to attend.

What are the costs? 
Dance team members are billed monthly rather than by term.  The cost of classes for dance team members is different from recreational dancers.  Please see the front desk to get an accurate monthly cost for dance tuition.

Each member of the dance team is charged an annual Teacher Fee of $100.  This fee covers the wages of the teachers for their time at competitions and performances.

Example of competition charges:
• Competition registration fee: $45-$60 per dancer per group routine (solos, duets, trios have higher registration) No entry fee for parents; competitions are free to attend.
• Costume: $50-$80 per routine
• Tights: $10 per pair
• Earrings: $15 per pair
• Stage make up kit: $110 (will last a few years)

• Shoes: cost varies $15-$60 depending on the type of shoe

Performances are usually free of charge for participation and spectators.  Dancers may be asked to purchase costumes or costume pieces for these performances, or dancers may borrow costumes from dance storage.

Team dancers are expected to participate in the Winter & Spring Recitals.


Solo, Duet, Trio Information
There is an additional cost for a solo, duet, or trio routine. These routines receive 4 hours of time with their choreographer and depend on the tenacity of the student(s) to practice at home and know their routine each time they meet with their teacher. 
• Solo: $400
• Duet: $200 per student
• Trio: $134 per student
Students will be asked their preference of choreographer, however, we will match each routine up with the choreographer best suited for the student(s).  Students will also get input into their song choice and costume selection. Please contact if you would like more information about these special routines.

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