EDGE Homework

Week 1

Due: January 15, 2009


What To Do


Flexibility:Sit in right, left, and middle splits for 2 min with front leg straight, hips square and back leg in line with your hips.


Chair Squats (2 x 10):Stand in front of a chair with feet hip width apart, toes facing forward.Bend knees like going to sit in the chair but hold squat above chair without touching it.Hold for 1 second then push through heels and come back to the starting position in a stand, then repeat.


Handstand Hold (2 x 30 sec):Have parents, brother/sister, friend or other relative help hold handstand.Kick up to handstand and hold for 30 seconds without walking or falling down.Have partner hold in place so donít fall over.If possible have partner lightly hold legs so almost holding handstand alone.If fall down before 30 seconds, kick back up quickly and finish the 30 seconds.


Crunches (2 x 20):Lie on back on the ground with hands crossed over chest and feet under a chair, couch, bed, or person holding.Crunch up towards knees and touch knees with elbows.Go back down to the ground and repeat crunch.


Arch Ups (2 x 20):Lie on stomach with arms and legs out straight.Lift arms and legs up at the same time while arching back, then go back to the starting position and repeat.Make sure arms and legs stay straight through the movement and feet stay together.


Cardio:10 tuck jumps, 10 straddle jumps, 10 pike jumps, and 10 split jumps on both legs.Trying to jump as high as possible with straight legs and pointed toes.



Welcome to EDGE!If you are new welcome and I hope you enjoy the class.If you are rejoining, welcome back.Glad to have all of you here!

††††††††††† *Teresa